Top 19 top in demand jobs of the future

These will most likely be the most in demand jobs of the future, and it's never too late for lifelong learning!


Solar Energy Technician

The continued expansion and adoption of solar PV systems is expected to create jobs for their installation and upkeep. Job candidates who complete a course in photovoltaic systems at a community college or technical school should have the best opportunities. Those who enter apprenticeships also are expected to have very good job opportunities. Candidates with experience in construction occupations, such as laborers, roofers, and carpenters, should have better job opportunities than those without construction experience.

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Median Salary: $40500

Software developers and software quality assurance analysts and testers

Due to a growing demand for internet-of-things, mobile developers will lead the field as they can provide customized solutions to every growing need of software.

USA Openings until 2029: 316000 2019 Median Salary: $107510

Registered nurses

The aging population will open many job opportunities for individuals who have nursing skills.

USA Openings until 2029: 221900 2019 Median Salary: $73300

General and operations managers

USA Openings until 2029: 143800 2019 Median Salary: $100780

Financial managers

USA Openings until 2029: 108100 2019 Median Salary: $129890

Medical & Health Service Manager

Just as medical facilities continue to grow, they also require managers and assistant managers to serve their clients.

USA Openings until 2029: 133200 2019 Median Salary: $100980

Nurse practitioners

USA Openings until 2029: 110700 2019 Median Salary: $109820

Market research analysts and marketing specialists

USA Openings until 2029: 130300 2019 Median Salary: $63790

Management analysts

USA Openings until 2029: 93800 2019 Median Salary: $85260

Computer & Information Systems Analyst

Degrees in Computer Science will remain attractive as the need for computer analysts to continue to grow.

USA Openings until 2029: 48100 2019 Median Salary: $146360

Wind Energy Technician

A large number of private and government funded projects rely on wind energy to help them sustain an eco-friendly environment.


Physical Therapist

The growing population means that seniors require someone to assist them with their rehabilitation and pain management issues.

USA Openings until 2029: 47000 2019 Median Salary: $89440

Data Analyst

Since the advent of the internet, large organizations often find it difficult to make sense of the available information


Digital Content Specialist

To keep things running, digital content providers (graphic designer or freelancers) are becoming a top priority of tech-savvy companies.


Information Security Analyst

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in how they penetrate the computer systems, information security analysts are a type of police force of the future.

USA Openings until 2029: 40900 2019 Median Salary: $99730

Biomedical Engineer

These engineers create medical devices (e.g. artificial organs, body implants, and biomedical accessories) that can help doctors and physicians in their day-to-day activities.


Mechanical Engineer & Specialist

Mechanical engineers and technicians are in high demand due to the growing demands from the industry to create high-tech equipment.


Electronics Engineer

They take care of computer circuits, wirings, and smaller components that power a device.


Rehabilitation Counselor

They help people with life challenges or disabilities to achieve their goals by providing them counseling services.

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