Top 10 coolest and most original men watch models (and affordable)

Bored with classic watches? Here's our list of the most original and remarkable watches you actually can afford.



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Eone - Bradley Apex

At the crossroads of form and function, the Bradley Apex Beige sports a black case and black minimalist face featuring streamlined raised hour markers. The Bradley timepiece features raised markers that allow you to feel the time by touch.

See on www.eone-time.com
Ceramic case nylon strap Starting 260$
👆No screen, no glass, just feel the hour with your fingers, or read from the position of the markers!

The Electricianz - The Carbon Z

Electricity keeps the world moving. The Electricianz is on a mission to put that energy in the spotlight. The Carbon Z is an original combination of Carbon black and vibrant colours that reinforce one another in a pleasant dance for the eyes.

See on www.the-electricianz.com
Carbon 4 LED backlights Starting 320$

Hygge - MSP3012BC(YE)

The first design born from the collaboration with Pentagon Design and Mats Lönngren, the Hygge 3012 series and its disc hands embody curiosity and fascination with its symbolic indication of time.

See on hygge-watches.com
iF Design Award 2014 Winner Starting 215$

Projects Watches - Beyond the Horizon

The Beyond the Horizon Watch might not be the view from the cockpit, but it sure feels like it could be. Set your course for Beyond the Horizon and push the throttle in to start your journey. This refreshing design from the Spanish design team of Negroimpar delivers Wunderlust!

See on projectswatches.com
Starting 145$

Xeric - Soloscope RQ Black Tan

Time is read using a single hour hand, fusing hours and minutes. Our signature "halo" hand encircles the hour and points to the minutes. Each line on the dial is a 5 minute increment so you're not stressing about every minute.

See on www.xeric.com
Starting 350$

Nixon - Dork Too

Smart Ass Watch. A Nixon icon that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Press a button and it yells the time and much more.

See on www.nixon.com
USB Re-chargeable Speaks the time Video Starting 150$

Xeric - Evergraph Automatic Gunmetal

A time machine that simultaneously lives in the past, present, and future. Inspired by the architectural designs of the city of San Francisco, the Evergraph maintains a timeless design that could be worn in any generation.

See on www.xeric.com
Signature hemicycle dials Limited 999 pieces Starting 299$

Projects Watches - Past, Present & Future

What’s past is past. The future doesn’t exist yet. The time is now. Designed by Daniel Will-Harris, a computer graphics pioneer who literally wrote the book on computer typography, design and publishing in print and on the web. MoMa calls "truly unique" his work.

Silicone Time machine not included Designer Starting 145$

Mr. Jones - King of Spades

The King of Spades is the first card in the deck, he’s the King of Kings and embodies the highest levels of power and wisdom​​. On the watch the hands of cards show the minutes and the hours are displayed in the King’s chest.

See on mrjoneswatches.com
Made in London Special Edition Starting 215$

HappyHour - The Ish

The perfect wingman for your happy hour revelry. Introducing “approximate” time telling at its finest - crystal clear when matters most, and a little less focused the rest of the time. Includes famous patented Happy Hour buckle (with bottle opener).

See on www.happyhourtimepieces.com
Secret Bottle Opener Fuzzy glass Video Starting 99.99$

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